Winter sights

A few things I’ve seen this winter:

It’s been an intermittent winter. Last weekend was warm, with a few patches of flowers, now it’s cold again, with temperatures around freezing. The snowy pictures are from last month, the leaf image is more recent. I found some ice in a shallow pond, I liked the overlapping shapes of the leaves. If you look closely, the surface of the ice is cracked and creased with lines and scattered small bubbles.


10 thoughts on “Winter sights

  1. The images with snow have an Asian feel to me. I can imagine both being done with a brush and ink. The middle leaves are more directly appealing; they have a warmth that seems strong enough to melt the ice. That they haven’t sets up a nice contrast.

    • Thanks, Linda – the leaf image is more complex and there’s more color interest. The spareness of the images with the snow background is something I like, but it’s challenging to make one with impact. Harry Callahan, the photographer Steve mentions, has some great ones with white backgrounds.

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