Drops and moss

Water drops on a tuft of moss:

As winter fades, it’s hard to find color in the woods. I went out looking for a bright green tuft of moss. This one wasn’t quite the bright emerald I imagined, but the drops were nice in the late afternoon light.  Taken at 2x or 3x magnification.


20 thoughts on “Drops and moss

      • I tried moving the camera to get them all in the field of best focus, but I couldn’t make it happen at the aperture I wanted to use. So I stopped fussing and took an extra image for stacking.

  1. I like the contrast between the ‘whatevers’ that the drops are hanging from — so smooth – and the more angular growth at the bottom. The complementary colors are pleasing, too, and the translucence of the green leaves (?)

    As should be obvious, I don’t know a thing about mosses!

    • Thanks so much. I don’t know anything about mosses, either 🙂
      [Just went off to do some reading, and I don’t know much more. There are around 1200 species in North America.]

  2. This photo is stunning! What a knockout. I confess, if there had been only two seed heads, it would have looked like a giant insect about to appear 😀

    • Thanks so much, Melissa! They do look like antennae. Do you know anything about mosses? There are a few hundred rock-loving moss species – maybe it’s a Dicranum species, but I’m guessing.

      • Ha! I took a moss class once…. They are as mystifying as ferns which at first seem like they are going to be easy until you really get down to business and realize how helpful a microscope would be. I am content loving their soft green moistness. 🙂

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