Moss capsules

A bunch of moss capsules:

I’ve been finding other types of moss in addition to this species, but the feathery projections at the end of the capsules make this one a favorite.

4 thoughts on “Moss capsules

  1. I didn’t recognize it with your previous photos, but this one really caught my attention, and reminded me of the similarity between the capsules of this plant and the ball moss flowers and seed capsules I found. Ball moss isn’t a true moss, of course, but now I’m wondering whether the appearance of its capsules contributed to its common name.

    I like the diagonal placement of the capsules; it adds a certain liveliness to the image. Who ever thought of moss as lively?

    • Ball moss blooms are lovely, as are your photographs.
      I’ve loved the bright green color of mosses, but now that I’m looking more carefully, there’s lots more to catch the eye, and there are lots of different kinds. I found a completely new sort growing on the vertical face of a boulder – looks like a little bush.

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