A group of bloodroot

Last week bloodroot started blooming at one place I visit, and I found a vertical grouping for this image:

Most of them weren’t open. Today, bloodroot carpeted the forest floor, all fully open, but many flowers were starting to fade. Bluebells, most trillium species, and wood poppy are on the way.

3 thoughts on “A group of bloodroot

    • There were so many blooming, I though it would be easy to find a horizontal grouping for a composition. Couldn’t find one that appealed to me. This group was on an upward slope in a line, more or less. Setting the aperture at f/4 with a 180mm lens did the rest. The distance between the flowers is the other factor, and that’s a matter of luck.

  1. Very nice. I have found it difficult to compose a good photo of these, and so admire this all the more.

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