A bouquet of bloodroot

Many wildflowers have been slow to open fully, but bloodroot has continued to bloom profusely:

The last of the these to bloom are the many-petaled double form and the bloodroot relative twinleaf.

10 thoughts on “A bouquet of bloodroot

  1. This is heaven for a white flower lover. Every image is just right, and as a set they complement each other wonderfully well — just as flowers in a bouquet should. Here’s an odd thought: your series reminds me of the strips of photos we used to get at those carnival booths, with a dozen poses for a quarter!

    • I was trying to get a lot of different views, poses, and I had lots of opportunities over a few weeks. I have more of them, but now I’m happy to move on to the next wave of spring flowers. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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