From the green season

A few images of green things that caught my eye:

Ferns are looking their best now, there are so many different species. The buds may be from this plant.

10 thoughts on “From the green season

  1. I’ve kept looking and looking at that clover, and even went browsing among other clover images. There’s something about it that seems unusual, but I can’t say what it is. It seems as though all the leaflets are on one side of the stem. I’m not sure if that’s so, or if the impression’s a result of your composition. In any event, it’s a lovely image. Your ferns certainly seem fresh and lovely, too. The last time I was in east Texas, our ferns were crisping up and turning brown. I wish I could have seen them when they were as pretty as these.

    That is an odd plant you linked to. Have you identified it?

    • The odd plant? Yes, I have identified it before, and I haven’t found my notes on it. I’ll keep looking 🙂 And I should try harder to identify the clover.

      • I think the odd plant is sarsparilla, an Aralia species, maybe Aralia hispida. I found a couple of nonnative Trifolium species with alternating groups of leaves, one was T. campestre. The Clover plant was on a forest trail not far from a field.

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