Dogbane beetle

A little bigger than a ladybug beetle, the brightly iridescent dogbane beetle has red, green, orange and  blue tones:

They don’t seem to stray far from the dogbane plant they feed on. They are slow moving, and get a chemical protection from the dogbane plant, I believe a chemical similar to the one that protects monarchs. I’ve only seen one this year in this location. This spot is always an adventure because I have to maneuver around poison ivy to get a photograph.

13 thoughts on “Dogbane beetle

    • I remember my excitement the first time I found one, and my disappointment when I saw my first photograph of one. They are so reflective, you need a cloudy day or low light.

  1. I look forward to these every year but, alas, the spot where I have always found them is private property along the edge of a town sidewalk and the property owners removed all the dogbane for who knows why. Guess I could ask.
    They are always lovely to see and yours is no exception. Love the rich iridescent color.

  2. Wow! That’s another one I’d enjoy duplicating as jewelry — a brooch, probably. It certainly would be a conversation starter — or stopper, depending on the other person’s predilections. I thought I might have found one, but it looks like a different genus; the antennae are different, although the metallic green of mine is pretty impressive. I’ll have to send it over the to good folks at BugGuide and see if they confirm my guess.

  3. This is such a beautiful creature. You’re right~I’ve not seen one at all this year! I’m glad I have this wonderful image to enjoy.

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