White flowers of summer

A bunch of white flowers of summer, with a few associates:

The caterpillar is the moth Camouflaged Looper (Synchlora aerata), one of the few caterpillars that attaches plant fragments to itself. The fragments aren’t from boneset, the hairlike filaments are from an aster. The hydrangea and the last flower (an annual Euphorbia species) are garden ornamentals.

7 thoughts on “White flowers of summer

    • It really is an unusual creature. I’ve only seen one before, because it moved, as this one did. I didn’t know what it was until I looked in my viewfinder at magnification.

  1. At first, I thought the caterpillar was an unusual extension of the flower: a genetic aberration of some sort. It certainly fooled me! I especially like the fleabane with the American copper. It’s an interesting photo because both the butterfly and the bud at the bottom are in focus, which helps to keep the eye roving through the entire image.

    • The American Copper was a happy accident. I was photographing the fleabane with a long lens at f/4, and got a single good image of the butterfly before it took off. Both the caterpillar and the butterfly were the sort of chance encounter I look forward to when photographing flowers.

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