Blackberry looper

I’ve seen this caterpillar before, and despite the name, I’ve always seen them on a composite, such as a Black-eyed Susan:

Another image from my favorite meadow, not far from where I live. The caterpillar held this pose for a long time. It might have sensed me, and used this pose as a defense. Many of the caterpillars in the Emerald moth group are twig mimics.


6 thoughts on “Blackberry looper

  1. I haven’t seen many of this sort of critter, and the first time I saw one, I couldn’t figure out what it was. At least now I can tell which way it’s going. I like the way you have its body aligned with the petal. Of course, now I’ve got that ABBA song stuck in my mind: Super Looper.

    • I always have to look carefully to distinguish front from back, unless the critter is munching. Some people are really good at finding caterpillars, not me! I notice them on flowers from time to time.

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