Composite center

A closeup of an opening composite:

This is the same composite as the green bud in an earlier post – the flower center turns yellow, and the florets open and sprout anthers. This was taken at 2x or 3x magnification.

6 thoughts on “Composite center

  1. This also shows that flowers in the sunflower family often “speak” in fives, as evidenced by the little five-pointed “stars” at the tips of the florets in the lower right of the picture.

  2. I hadn’t noticed the openings as “stars” – neat. One little detail I noticed in review: the out of focus dark spots inside the lower florets are tiny insects. Or that’s what I guess they are: the spots changed position in different shots.

  3. This is a yellow I especially enjoy. I’d probably call it ‘citron,’ and use it as an accent color in a gray and white room. It looks good on this flower, too. It’s fascinating that you were able to capture such tiny insects inside the florets. That’s what 2X and 3X will do!

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