Milkweed bug

A small milkweed bug (Lygaeus kalmii), on the pod of butterfly milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa):

A colorful bug found on milkweed pods this time of year – it’s the first time I’ve seen one on butterfly milkweed.


8 thoughts on “Milkweed bug

  1. The similarity of colors fooled me at first; I thought it was ‘our’ milkweed bug. Then I took a second look, and realized the difference. The heart-shaped marking on the back of this one is especially attractive. I was surprised to see the fuzziness of the pod, too. I’m accustomed to pods that are knobby and rough, or smooth and almost slick. The texture of this one’s really attractive.

    • The pod isn’t the usual knobby common milkweed pod, it’s from the orange butterfly milkweed. I found these slender, smoother pods and some seeds in another part of the meadow, and went to compare them with a butterfly milkweed plant in a location I remembered. I found the bug on that second plant – a pleasant find, and an ID for the pods. Up here, I usually see small milkweed bug on common milkweed.

  2. We have a bug similar in shape and size, but not as colorful or have that kind of pattern. The bug here in Colorado wears basic black. Another nice catch.

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