Heath asters

Heath aster is the common name for a small white aster that blooms in late fall in my area:

There were an amazing number of tiny blooms – it was wonderful to see all that white. These were blooming last month – I should go back to take closeups of the seeds.

6 thoughts on “Heath asters

    • I should learn to appreciate the aged flowers, I tend to think them a defect. New England asters go by in no time at all. For me, the attraction was the profusion of blooms. So many! Thanks for the kind words.

  1. At the house, in our old neighborhood, we have two small patches of this kind of aster. Also, we have an abundance of its purple-colored cousin. I have always wondered if someone seeded a whole bunch of white and purple for ground cover, then let nature take her course and let the seed from the spent blossom be carried on the wind. 🙂

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