Aster seeds II

Another bunch of asters, perhaps New England Aster:

It’s not a heath aster, but there are so many asters I can’t be sure of the identification. The contrast of the one bare cluster with the others was what caught my eye.

7 thoughts on “Aster seeds II

  1. And not only that, but I believe at least a few of them hybridize, making ID especially difficult. No matter~this is such an elegant composition. I really like it.

  2. Like you, I enjoyed the contrast of the empty receptacle with its still-fluffy companions. The color is attractive, too, and the background you’ve created helps to emphasize it. I’ll be glad when we finally begin a turn into real autumn and begin to see these colors. There’s still a lot of green in my world, along with rain and warmth. I hardly can believe it’s December.

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