A few grasses from this fall:

The first image is a part large grass inflorescence more than a foot or so long. The yellow tassels and feathery tufts weren’t visible until I got close. The beetle was a late fall discovery, and the flowers in the last image were fading as the foliage changed color.

8 thoughts on “Grasses

    • The first grass is really curious – the anther and stigma are the main parts of the contraption, I suppose. I like the way the eyelashes emerge from under the grass blades in the last.

  1. Yes, and long awns on the first one, as well. Do you know which grass it was? It almost looks like little bluestem to me, but not quite. The last one I found delightful, too, for its color and the whiskers peeking out from under the blade.

    • I didn’t identify it. It was a tall grass, as tall as I am (not quite 6ft). There was lots of little bluestem near this grass. The full inflorescence was large and broom-like, this is just one small part. The awns do look like little bluestem. I learned the word awn last year after reading about little bluestem (thanks to Linda!).

      • Ooh, a mystery grass! I took a grass workshop once and came away not knowing much more than I knew before. The only way for me to learn a plant seems to be in the field with a botanist~I learn it in situ and then (hopefully) recognize it elsewhere as well.

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