Another aster

Another late season aster, I think pussytoes (Antennaria):

The radiating bracts and the center remind me of a sunflower, though this is small, less than half an inch across. Like some other composite fruits, they close when wet. I waited a day for these to dry out before getting this image.

7 thoughts on “Another aster

  1. The center is particularly lovely. It reminds me of a millefiori paperweight. I’ve seen white flowers whose petals become transparent when wet, then become opaque as they dry out, but I didn’t realize some would close when wet. In any case, the shades of white and brown are very attractive.

    • The center has the most visual interest for me. Take a look at the November 2019 post I mentioned in my reply to Steve for another aster that closed when wet. Photographing aster fruits has become something I do in late fall, early winter.

  2. I love this close up of the aster after the bloom is gone. I believe what you have here is a species of aster, not pussytoes which is a different plant. You’ve exquisitely captured the seedheads.

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