Three views of Kiln Brook

Three views of a brook that runs through a forest in my town:

I took the first two after a recent snowfall, which melted quickly in heavy rain that followed. Black and white suits the first two – there’s little or no color in the scene. After the rain, the warm colors of the rocks in the brook emerged in the lower contrast light at the end of the day.

4 thoughts on “Three views of Kiln Brook

  1. Now you have me pondering that we’re surrounded by subdivisions with ‘brook’ in their names (Brookwood, Middlebrook, Northbrook) and yet I’ve never heard anyone refer to any of our water courses as brooks. Bayous, streams, and creeks, yes. Maybe the developers are from brookish areas, and use names familiar to them.

    In any event, the images are great, and the contrast between cold and warm(er) is nice.

    • The marketing departments of the subdivision developers are responsible for those names. They probably think that brook sells better than creek. If Kiln Brook were in my childhood backyard in Northern Virginia, I would have called it a creek (pronounced crick). Thanks for the kind words…

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