Passed over

Before the year ends, I thought I’d post a few photographs I passed over:

Some of these are alternate compositions or poses – for example, I posted a vertical of the Black-eyed Susans instead of this horizontal. I like posting once a week, so I edit down to one or a group of photographs, and that means some are left behind – and finding them again means happy rediscoveries.

The image subjects are: Wood poppy, Grape hyacinth, Halloween pennant, Yellow loosestrife, Black-eyed Susan, honeybee on vervain.

12 thoughts on “Passed over

  1. I do enjoy rediscoveries! I was immediately drawn to the grape hyacinth, perhaps for the color but maybe also the patterns. And I agree with the others, that dragonfly is a really nice image.

  2. I’m so far behind with image posting it’s going to be spring again before I get last spring’s images posted. So many photos, so little time. This is a wonderful collection, and it’s especially pleasing because of the combination of lavender and yellow in the images. I love seeing the combination in nature, and it’s no less pleasing here.

  3. A delightful collection that I’m glad we get to see. The dragonfly…oh I love that one. And I thought I was familiar with yellow loosestrife but it must be a different species I see. Very nice to meet this one.

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