Winter goldenrod

Spent goldenrod flowers, with a few seeds left:

The upright stem is less than an inch long – I took this at 2 or 3x magnification. There are a number of little details I haven’t noticed on godenrod before, the arching sepals and fibers on the stems.

14 thoughts on “Winter goldenrod

  1. It’s no accident – I stacked a few images at f/5.6. This image started out as a vertical of the left side stem, but the stem shape left too much open space in the frame. As I switched to a horizontal view, I saw the single floret and leaf on the right and this composition.

  2. There are so many little details here to admire. I especially like the way the empty receptacle on the right seems to be in conversation with the still-attached fluff on the left, as though it’s saying, “Well? Don’t just stay there. Float!”

    The curving stem is especially nice, and the color’s both appealing and soothing.

    • I started out with just the left stem, and the image looked incomplete. When I saw the sepals and leaf on the right in this horizontal, this image snapped into place. It was a matter of finding/seeing the conversation between left and right.

  3. Had to go out to see if I could find dried out golden rod. Not too successful, but I might need to expand my search pattern. 🙂

    An O/T question: Which brand of tripod do you use? I’m shopping for a new one. I know some of them are more expensive. Since buying a DSLR, my old tripod can’t handle the weight. Thanks.

    • The tripod model I have isn’t manufactured any more. The most stable ones (Gitzo, RRS) are expensive. I’ve heard good things about Induro tripods. A used tripod is a good bet, the better ones are very durable.

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