A frozen stream

Ice crystals that grew overnight on the surface of a stream:

I know that they grew overnight: I visited the spot the day before, and there was nothing but clear ice. At last, we had a few days of temperatures cold enough for interesting ice. It was 9°F last night and the night before, tonight may be even colder.


11 thoughts on “A frozen stream

  1. Lots of nice frosty detail, Tom. I’ve been frustrated with the lack of real ice making cold but that’s all changed.I didn’t go out yesterday because of the wind chill but hope to today.

  2. All I can see are wood splinters. I was trimming caulk on a piece of decking last week, and as the caulking came up, it pulled pieces of old wood with it. It looked for all the world just like this — at least, the splintery parts.

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