In the snow

A few things I saw in the snow:

That last oak leaf was a welcome color contrast against the whiteness. All of these are color images, but the first two look like I converted them and white.

4 thoughts on “In the snow

  1. I especially like the detail in the photo at the top, left. It reminds me of a clutch of antique hat pins sticking up from a hidden holder. The leaf against snow is lovely, but the photo at the top, right, has me intrigued. It’s one of the oddest photos I’ve seen, and I don’t mean that as a criticism. I keep looking and looking at it, trying to get oriented. It’s like snowblindness! (Is that a fencepost I see?)

    • If you can’t stop looking, I’ve done something right. The background object isn’t a fencepost, it’s a stem a foot or two high. the foreground seed head is a few inches tall.
      The clutch of hatpins is a group of Queen Anne’s Lace, the base of the stems is hidden in snow. Thanks!

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