First Flower

The first flowers of the season started blooming over the last week so here – snowdrops, crocuses, and this flower, Adonis vernalis:

It’s nonnative flower planted in a local arboretum, and it blooms before almost anything else except snowdrops, perhaps. When fully open it looks like a buttercup.

9 thoughts on “First Flower

  1. Just yesterday I noticed fields of buttercups blooming — well, yards of buttercups, really — mostly around homes and barns. This one’s quite different. Although the color is the same, those luscious petals are much fancier.It reminded me of a Ranunculus, and then I learned that ‘Ranunculus’ is the genus name for buttercups. Oh!

    • Ranunculus, that’s it! Other than this Adonis, there won’t be yards of them
      blooming here for some time yet. The yellow is what catches the eye, but there are also flecks of green on the petals, especially the petal’s outer side.

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