Woodland profusion

Last weekend, Wood poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum) was blooming in profusion. It’s a woodland flower, found in the understory and woodland edges, not in bright meadows.

This image doesn’t capture the huge number of wood poppies in bloom in this spot. There were a lot of downed branches that I wanted to avoid, so I took this image with a 300mm lens. Now I wish I’d used a wider focal length and found a way to include the downed branches in a composition.

8 thoughts on “Woodland profusion

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve not wanted to include things, like branches, a times and later realized they could be an asset. Oh, well. Like you I say “there’s always next year”. But…this is nicely done.

  2. Such a nice, clear yellow. My yellows sometimes tend toward orange, especially in shade, but you’ve done a wonderful job with these wood poppies. It’s interesting how greens and yellows — and sometimes blues — can seem to color the air itself. The effect is splendid.

    • Thanks! It was a magical scene, so many beautiful flowers.
      Yellow can sometimes become reddish Sometimes you can clarify colors by changing the white balance.

      • Every now and then I remember that I’m supposed to pay attention to that, too. Maybe this time the reminder will stick!

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