Iris cristata

A view of a patch of this wildflower:

They are low to the ground, the blooms are about four or five inches high. This patch was about a yard across.

8 thoughts on “Iris cristata

  1. The color is wonderful, and I like the way the primary flower seems to be dissolving into the background. We have another small native iris: Iris brevicaulis. It’s usually around five inches high, but tends to sprawl. I like this one’s upright growth.

    I need to post some photos of another of our flowers in the iris family: the so-called prairie nymph. It’s the same lavender, with the same white and deep purple details. I’m not so fond of some of the garden iris that have been fancied up through breeding, but these natives are gorgeous.

    • The Iris cristata plant sprawls as well, but the flowers are short and upright. Another pretty flower with a short bloom period. I visited them today, a week later, only a couple of flowers left. Looking forward to seeing your iris images…

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