White and blue

A collection of white and blue flowers from the wild and the garden:

The flowers are: Cornflower, Baby’s Breath, Blue-eyed grass (twice), Foamflower. The Cornflower and Baby’s Breath are from this year’s edition of my wildflower meadow (only partially wild).

13 thoughts on “White and blue

    • I’ve always loved blued-eyed grass, and the baby’s breath was a pleasant find in my wildflower meadow, planted from a seed mix. I used the same branded mix last year, but the flowers are a different assortment.

  1. And there they are: ‘your’ blue eyed grasses with yellow anthers. The blue is a little lighter, and more delicate, but the relationship’s unmistakable.

    The cornflowers remind me of my grandmother’s cutting garden. She grew bachelor buttons in pink, white, and blue, and it seems that cornflower and bachelor button may be two names for the same plant. I especially like the baby’s breath photo. I’ve missed those details all these years of seeing the flower as a ‘filler’ in bouquets.

    • Besides the bachelor’s button and baby’s breath, the blue-eyed grass came up in my yard, but not in the wildflower meadow. The last time it came up, two years ago, it was in a different spot. In other places I’ve found it, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t always come up in the same place year-to-year.
      [postscript: there are six Sisyrinchium species in my area, but I think they all have yellow anthers. The shade of blue varies in part with the light – bright cloudy light in these images.]
      The details of baby’s breath are striking, I may try an extreme closeup of the center.

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