The glen

Not long ago, I went looking for flowers with a group of people in a local conservation area. The scenery was more interesting than the flowers. It’s a steep, long ravine in a hilly area, with a stream rushing down through rocks:

It’s the deep green time of year. There’s nothing as refreshing as the sound of water and the green of the forest.


8 thoughts on “The glen

  1. What fabulous views. I’m most attracted to the water, but if I’d seen the ‘woodsy’ photos apart from the water photos, they would have had equal appeal. There’s a certain scent to certain woods, and these photos bring it back. I rarely come across it locally, but in east Texas forests, that scent of green can permeate the air.

    • Lots for the senses: the sound of the water, the scent of the hemlocks, and the birdsong. The first time I went it was raining, the filtered light was beautiful.

    • Its forested higher up, but there’s a lot of wetland vegetation along the sides of the creek and on little islands in the stream: dames rocket, other brassica, violets, buttercups, oceans of skunk cabbage and jewel weed. The woods had may flower, past now. The cascades stood out against the commonplace flora.

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