Summer meadow

My local Black-Eyed Susan meadow is in full bloom, with lots of other species to see: common and white vervain, three species of milkweed, and other flowers:

The site is a partly restored wetland that someone has profusely planted with annuals (different Rudbeckia species) and perennials like butterfly weed and swamp milkweed. Not all are natives, the moth mullein in the last image, but a feast for pollinators nonetheless.

16 thoughts on “Summer meadow

  1. This is the second ‘new’ vervain species I’ve seen this week; the other was a tall, non-native species in a Canadian garden. The yellow-and-purple combination always appeals to me, but that first photo is pure summer. The moth mullein confused me for a minute. I thought its flowers were yellow; I found the plant, with yellow flowers, along an Arkansas highway. A little reading solved the mystery. Moth mullein flowers can be yellow or white; here’s what I found.

    • The yellow mullein image is lovely. The flower enter reminds me of Tradescantia. The meadow is pure summer to me as well, and a glory to see. I’m looking forward to exploring it more, especially browsing through the milkweeds and perhaps finding the willowherb in flower.
      By the way, my WordPress credentials aren’t accepted at Lagniappe. Lagniappe wants me to explicitly log in to WordPress to comment. Not needed for other WordPress sites. I’ll sort it out!

      • That’s happened to me in the past. Sometimes I could solve it by simply refreshing the page. If that doesn’t work, let me know which post it was and I can consult with the WP gurus — they can check to see where the hangup is.

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