A few closeups of a backyard hydrangea:

I’d like to work on more abstract images of this flower, similar to the second one. The color and brightness shifts across the petals are good material for abstraction.

13 thoughts on “Hydrangea

  1. I don’t quite know why but Hydrangeas are one of my least favorite yard flowering shrubs. This changes things a bit. These are lovely studies in blue, they would be in any of the Hydrangea colors, and well worth more experimenting. The second reminds me of some of O’keeffe’s sensual work.

    • We have a number of white hydangeas, and just one blue one. I had a happy half our or so working with this one, there’s in interesting range of color, with hints of pink besides the blue. Thanks, Steve!

  2. I do like hydrangeas, although I can’t remember seeing blue ones in real life — or pink, for that matter. My favorite among these photos is the first, probably because it’s the least ‘blue.’ I like blue sky and blue jeans and specific blues like turquoise, but this powder blue just never has done it for me. On the other hand, the mixture of pink into the blue in the last image is nice.

    • I’m used to seeing blue or pink hydrangeas on Cape Cod, where they are everywhere. Thanks for writing about what you like in these. I like the white merging to blue in the first, but the second one has the abstraction I’ve been interested in lately.

      • Do people manipulate their color by acidifying the soil, or making it more alkaline? I’ve read that’s the trick for producing pink or blue flowers.

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