Blue dasher

A female Blue Dasher dragonfly hanging on a stem:

There was a light rain falling, and it was cool, so the dragonfly was cooperative. I did a series of images to explore different angles, and so I could stack for extra details. This is a stack of three images. As I watched, drops accumulated, and the dragonfly reached up and wiped its compound eye of some of the drops. Fascinating to watch!

17 thoughts on “Blue dasher

  1. Good heavens. I suspect you had to try two or three times to get this image. (Or two or three hundred?) It’s just amazing — and wonderful. There’s nothing more to say!

    • šŸ™‚ Thanks! It was unusual to have a dragonfly cooperate like this – cooler temperatures help. It was quite a sight in my viewfinder.
      I did take a bunch, but since the dragonfly was moving around slightly, it was hard to get compatible images for the stack.

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