Yellow Gaillardia

A lovely flower that is blooming now in a wildflower meadow I visit. I’m drawn to the details at the flower center:

After the bud opens, the center is greenish, surrounded by curly sepals and the emerging rays. Then the florets at the center become bright yellow and anthers pop out. The floret drops down, the anther disappears, and forms a darker star-shaped opening. It’s probably a hybrid, the site is a planted meadow with many natives as well as hybrids.

10 thoughts on “Yellow Gaillardia

  1. It’s taken me forever to find it, but I’ve had a photo of a yellow gaillardia tucked in my files. I found just a few of them at the Brazoria Wildlife Refuge a couple of years ago, blooming away in the middle of a field. I suspect mine are natural mutations, although if I understand it rightly, the plant breeders find such flowers, collect the seed, and then work their magic to create the hybrids.

    The detail on your photos is wonderful. Those little star-shaped openings are such fun — and closeups like that help to make the structure understandable.

    • Your photograph looks like my flower, all right. Mine is likely the work of the plant breeders. Thanks for the kind words – I love the way this flower matures, sending off anthers and revealing those stars.

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