Asters from Maine

From a seaside walk, two very different asters:

This aster was a creeping species, forming an irregular low mound about a foot or so across. There was one upright spike, shown here. The flowers are very small. It was planted in a restoration area with native plants, so it may be a native aster.

Another group of asters:

Just two of the many asters in bloom along the shoreline – there were so many, including New England Aster.

12 thoughts on “Asters from Maine

  1. I first came across small white asters like those in your first photo in Arkansas. What I like most about them is the transition from yellow to red(dish) in the disc florets. I prefer the white to the lavender, although both are pretty. I knew where to find huge colonies of asters at our refuges, but storm surge and flooding seem to have taken them out. They’ll be back.

  2. I’m seeing tons of low white asters this year~quite a bumper crop! I’m wondering if the one in your photo might be A. ericoides, a lovely low-growing native aster. Such a beautiful photo, really capturing the effect that I’ve been seeing.

    • At my Maine seaside location there were three or four different white aster species, two or three blue species, and the purple New England Aster. But I’ve never seen the low-growing white species before, it was essentially a ground cover, a mass of white.

      • Those that grow here, both purple and white, are low to the ground kind. My guess is someone planted a whole bunch as ground cover, and when they went to seed, it caught a ride on the wind.

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