Maine sunrise

The seacoast at sunrise:

It was a cloudy morning, the only color was that thin red line along the horizon, and briefly a little red higher up. Then the clouds obscured the sun. Here’s the rocky coast at another spot not far from the place where I took the first image, in black and white:

I used a filter to lengthen the exposure in both images, each was around 20 seconds or so. The second image was long enough to capture more than one incoming wave. It’s a beautiful place.


16 thoughts on “Maine sunrise

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    • Yes, the rocks are dark brown in the low light, almost but not quite black. There’s some green seaweed that isn’t noticeable. For that morning, the red line was what I had to work with, maybe more interesting than a more colorful sunrise sky.

  2. The first photo, with the streak of light, is especially appealing to me. I love seeing that coast; ours is attractive and interesting, but just a touch lacking in this sort of drama.

    • That thin red line was a nice reward for getting up before dawn on a Sunday. The rock outcrops in this spot are beautiful. Now I need to explore more in this area and further north in Maine. Maybe I’ll find the tide pools I’ve been hoping for as well.

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