A flower from my recent visit to Maine:

The tiny flower was in a cluster that crowned a stem dense with fine foliage. It’s probably Euphrasia nemorosa or Euphrasia stricta. Like Agalinis species, it’s a hemiparasite that attaches to the roots of grass. I found it in a grassy meadow on Mt Agamenticus, a hill not far from the coast, just 700 feet above sea level, but the tallest spot in the area, so the view of the coastal plain is panoramic. Agamenticus is an Algonquian description for the site; “the hill beyond the cove and river” is one of many translations. The name Agamenticus was used for other sites viewed from the coast in Massachusetts as well.

6 thoughts on “Eyebright

  1. It was interesting to look at the BONAP maps and see how limited its range is here in the US — it’s almost not here, and you were lucky to find it! It is a sweet little flower. It reminds me of our skullcaps, although the interior does have that Agalinis-like appearance. You’ve certainly shown it off to good effect.

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