Milkweed (again)

A group of milkweed seeds in a pod:

Winter is coming – we’ve had our first frosts. There are a few flowers in sheltered spots, but most flowers have withered. It’s seed season!


8 thoughts on “Milkweed (again)

  1. I agree, and it is nice to see just how beautiful they are up close. This morning when I took my puppy out I spotted a milkweed that had floated into my yard. I quickly took off the fluff and tucked it into the flower bed. 🙂

      • We’re in the throes of a move and I’m feeling completely upended and detached from my normal life. I hope it gets better…we’ve bought a nicer home in a lovely setting. BUT it is controlled by an HOA that so far has proven to be everything one fears an HOA to be. What good a bigger yard if I cannot plant a garden?! I am a bare root plant, desperately hoping to find soil. So sure am I that they will shoot me down that I find I cannot bring myself to even submit the application. 😦

  2. Seed season, indeed — the air here is filled with various fluffs that insist on landing in my varnish. I like the way the three milkweed seeds are linked, chain-like. There’s certainly no end of ways to portray them, and every way is attractive or interesting.

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