A few views of raindrops on switchgrass:

Switch grass is a tall plant, these were at least six feet. The flowering part has a branching, tree-like shape that drops adhere to. In these images I explored what I could do with arrays of out-of-focus background drops. The curving lines of out-of-focus drops were great to work with.

7 thoughts on “Orbs

  1. This is one native grass you share with central Texas (and much of the country other than the far west). Your words “raindrops on switchgrass” recalls a certain song from “The Sound of Music.”

  2. It’s interesting how grass and droplets can be used to create such different images. Switchgrass is one of the four primary grasses of the tallgrass prairie, and one of my favorites. It’s not as dramatic as the bluestems, I suppose, but it’s really pretty, and it certainly shows off nicely here.

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