Winter grasses

Encounters with grasses, mostly in January:

In the first two, I used the light coming though trees in late afternoon. The second image, of little bluestem, had a bit of sunset light. The remaining two are also little bluestem, with no seeds left. The last one has our only snow so far – but by the end of the day tomorrow we may get two feet, if the predictions are right.


4 thoughts on “Winter grasses

    • Saturday is the snow day, I’ll probably be shoveling. But Sunday morning should be good for ice crystals as well as snow. There have already been some good ice days – I’m looking forward to Sunday.

  1. Like Steve, I saw your forecast, but my first thought was, “I’d better get over there and leave him a comment before his power goes out!” I hope that doesn’t happen, and I’m just a tiny bit envious. I remember those good, old-fashioned blizzards, and how much we enjoyed them — at least until it was time to shovel.

    I like the set of photos. The variation in color is great, and the order in which you’ve arranged them is just how I would have done it. I can’t remember ever seeing photos of little bluestem sans seeds; these are more attractive than I would have imagined.

    • I hope the power doesn’t go out! The snow has just started as I write, but there won’t be heavy snowfall until tomorrow.
      Thanks for the kind words about the images – I like the waving grasses with the snow background.

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