Icy cascade

The stream I often visit for ice and ice crystals in winter has one small cascade, no more than a yard or two high. On a warmish day that melted most of the surface ice, the icing on the cascade was complex:

It’s been an odd winter, with spells of almost spring-like warmth, followed by cold spells. It’s back in the 20s at the moment, a week or so back the daytime temperatures were in the mid 50s.


10 thoughts on “Icy cascade

    • The ice accumulated in a lot of ways, drips, pebbly surfaces, and so on. The two straight lines of ice framing the water flow at the top are something I haven’t seen before.

  1. It has, indeed, been an odd winter. Sounds like ours is similar to yours just shifted a bit warmer. We had a day where we hit 80 degrees, then by the weekend it was back to freezing temperatures. Right now it’s feeling very much like a warm spring. And this photos shows that only a yard or two is plenty for a fascinating photograph.

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