A few flowers

Fall flowers from my area and allium closeups from my trip to Wisconsin:

Last week I went looking for fall asters, but found only this fleabane patch. ‘They look pretty with a few rain drops. The allium are the same flowers that were the setting for the soldier beetle image in the last post. The white anthers give the second image a very different look.

11 thoughts on “A few flowers

  1. I laughed at the comment just above, about ragweed. It was just last week that I began sneezing while at work, and I thought, “Well, here we go. A north wind and mid-September? One of fall’s rituals is starting.”

    I can’t remember seeing white anthers before. They’re really quite striking, especially against that lavender. I suppose other flowers produce them; now I’ll watch for them. The middle photo is a nice solution for focusing on a ’round’ flower. The fleabane surprised me. I don’t remember seeing any for weeks, now.

    • I wondered about the white anthers as well, perhaps they are a different variety. The fleabane was something of a surprise as well, most fleabane stopped flowering a while back. The globular shape of allium provides the fadeaway look that I found appealing.

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