Tide pool

A seaside scene from Maine:

This pool had a green maple leaf in it, I replaced the maple leaf with a cottonwood leaf from a nearby beach rock. I’ve been wanting to do a tide pool image for a while. I imagined a watery still life filled with anemone and starfish, but this watery scene of kelp and leaf is a nice alternative.


12 thoughts on “Tide pool

  1. I wonder if the light on the kelp just below the leaf was noticeable enough at the time to affect your placement of the leaf. The sunlit kelp and leaf make for a nice combination.

    That said, I try to be open-minded about artistic judgments, but I’ll confess that my pleasure in the image was somewhat lessened by knowing that the leaf’s presence was intentional rather than accidental. It’s still a nice image, but it seems less lively than it might have otherwise. I suppose we could file my response under “personal quirks.”

    • I did but it there, but as I just wrote Steve, it wandered in the pool a few inches this way and that. I’m not a purist about photographing things just as I find them. I’ll remove a distraction, perhaps a bit of grass, or arrange fallen leaves. Not always, but sometimes :).

      • I’ve removed a stick or a styrofoam cup from time to time, and that doesn’t bother me. Maybe it was the change from green to yellow that did it. Responses are as mysterious as what nature presents to us!

  2. Lovely pic, the detail’s so crisp and clear! The convo re leaf ‘editing’ is interesting with different perspectives. What you’ve achieved is very pleasing. I suspect the maple leaf would’ve been bigger and obscured too much of what we see in the image; the yellow also complements the kelp v.well!

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