Three views of a patch of sunflowers:

I believe they are Helianthus maximiliani, 7 or 8 feet tall. This patch is floral fireworks that goes off at the end my area’s blooming season, along with the fall asters. It really is the end of the blooming season here, this morning was the first hard frost, the morning temperature was around 29F.


12 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. These are my favorite sunflowers, and thisyear I’ve seen only two stems of them next to a fence in the country. I haven’t yet been out to the prairies where I’ve found in them in the past, though, so perhaps I’ll still have a chance. Your photos of lovely; they really capture the glow of these beauties.

    • There’s a lot to like in this species: the long curving petals, the way some stems have a cluster of blooms at the top, and the masses of yellow when they bloom in groups. Glad you liked the photos!

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