Aster, again

Another view of New England Aster:

The flower was in dappled light, with the near part of the flower in shadow and part of the golden center and back petals in sunlight. I’ve done closeups of this flower before with just the near petals in focus but not in mixed light. It gave an unusual look. The light didn’t last for long.

The flower season is pretty much over now, it’s seed season!


12 thoughts on “Aster, again

  1. It reminds me of a floating candle. The concentration of light in the center certainly aids the impression, as does the shadow beneath. It’s truly lovely, and especially appealing as the days’ light grows shorter.

  2. Dappled light can be difficult to work with but in this case you used it very effectively. I love the extra contrast of that lit center and back petals. And of course, the shallow depth of field. Beautiful!

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