First frost

Just before Halloween, temperatures dipped below freezing, creating crystal formations on rain drops from the day before:

The rain drops were in a shady side of a grassy meadow, this is a small section of one of the grass blades. I found this grassy wet spot on a Saturday, and with below freezing temperatures predicted, I went back on Sunday at dawn to see if the magic happened – and it had. I’ve seen crystals form on frozen drops before, though not in the profusion you see here.


11 thoughts on “First frost

  1. These are gorgeous. They look like beads waiting to be strung into a necklace. But take a look at the pair just below the largest one on the left. Doesn’t the smaller one on the right look as though it’s sporting a ‘thumbs up’ emoji?

  2. This is not something I think I’ve seen, except in photos. Fascinating. I’m always impressed by the detail we can find when focusing in closer and closer to some subjects.

    • I’ve seen crystalline drops before, but by chance. This was the first time I guessed they’d form overnight. It was exciting, but I had too little time to explore before the sun hit them.

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