Paine’s Creek Beach in November

Three views of Paine’s Creek Beach from a recent visit to Cape Cod:

Paine’s Creek is on Cape Cod Bay, with a west-facing shoreline. The bay shoreline has the favorite locations for viewing the sunset. This is my second visit to this spot – I like it because of the pools in the saltmarsh grasses. This time I walked out further and found the sand patterns in the leftmost image. The image on the right was taken last, with the setting sun far off to the left.

There’s no way to tell from the photographs, but it was chilly, in the 40s F with winds at first. I was lucky to get such pretty clouds.

11 thoughts on “Paine’s Creek Beach in November

  1. I do love a nice reflection, but the pools on the right are the most interesting to me. Are they tidal pools? It looks as though the water might be ebbing out of the largest, but of course that could be wind, too. It’s a nice collection of images, showing quite different aspects of the same place.

    • The first two images are Paine’s Creek, a tidal inlet. The circular pool is tidal, and seems to persist from year to year. I photographed the same pool two years ago. My guess is the pool’s sand patterns are from tidal water. It’s a beautiful area.

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