November flowers

After our first hard frost, I gave up on flowers in my area for 2022. A visit to a community garden proved me wrong, with these orange calendula and pepperweed blossoms:

Seeing the vivid orange in early November was a surprise, so was the halictid bee. The bee wandered lazily around the flower for a while. The white flower was quite small, I believe it’s in the mustard family, perhaps Lepidium virginicum. If that’s the correct ID, it’s native to North America, and spread to Europe and Asia where it is non-native. So many of our non-native plants are the reverse!
I’m going to have to try calendula in my garden next year – it’s hardier than zinnia.


9 thoughts on “November flowers

  1. I’m not always fond of orange flowers, but these are lovely. I couldn’t remember coming across them, so I looked them up on the Houston gardening sites and found that they’re considered a good winter flower here, like pansies and snapdragons. The image with the bee is delightful, and the tiny white flower’s quite appealing. It must have been pure pleasure to come across the blooms at this time of year.

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