White asters

A few white flowers from fall:

The first image has some New England Aster in the background, the second a cucumber beetle nestled inside. The last image is a creeping aster I photographed in Maine in October.


8 thoughts on “White asters

  1. I’m inordinately pleased with myself. I recognized the cucumber beetle before I read your text! We’re suddenly awash in asters again. A friend says she has some tall white ones blooming on her property, and the lawns are covered wtih tiny purple ones. The creeping aster’s a new one for me, but it looks like it would make a beautiful mass of blooms. I do like the horizontal orientation of the branch in the second photo, as well as its beetle and buds.

    • Thanks, Linda. The creeping aster is one I’ve photographed before, but I’ve only seen it in Maine. Last year I found it in full bloom, this patch had just started, as you can see from all those buds.

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