Twelve from 2022

A baker’s dozen of images from this past year:

The selection is a mixture of favorites and images that show the different kinds of things I like photographing. Thanks to all of you that stop in and view, like, and comment. Happy New Year!


16 thoughts on “Twelve from 2022

  1. What a beautiful collection — and I remembered ten of the thirteen immediately. Here’s to another year filled with your wonderful work: both as a gift and as an encouragement. I did laugh at your ‘baker’s dozen.’ To me, that’s a dozen plus one: the ‘lagniappe’ that’s given as a little something extra!

    • Thanks for your kind words. I assembled 12 before I visited the dunes, and appended a sunset image because I couldn’t leave it out. My best wishes for your 2023, I look forward to many beautiful flower images from you.

  2. Love your shots from this year. I have been doing the same exercise and a few years ago started doing a roundup with links to other peoples’ lists. Would love to add yours to my list if you are willing (no spam or sales or anything). here is where it is at-

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