The meadow and the light

Some views of a winter meadow in changing light:

All of the images are of switch grass (probably Panicum virgatum). It’s a tall grass, with a tree-like inflorescence at the top and curving ribbon-like foliage below. The first image is in the low contrast, diffuse light I often use.

The other images were taken on a different day in a sequence, showing the changing light near sunset. In the second image, the light is at my back, there’s a lot of contrast with the shadowy background. In the third image, contrast is greater and color of light has changed.

Then I turned around and saw why the contrast and color had changed. The sun was setting quickly. The last two show the grasses silhouetted against the sunset sky.


9 thoughts on “The meadow and the light

    • In most of these, I was trying to fill the frame with the tree-like fruiting parts of the switchgrass. With the wind blowing, the ribbons crept in, whether I wanted them or not. As I reviewed these, I liked the look of the dark ribbons at the bottom too.

  1. It’s a pretty grass, and it’s fun to see it in different ways. I do think my favorite is the beribboned one, seen against the sunset colors. The one in the upper right looks particularly wintery; it’s attractive, too.

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