Seacoast in winter

Three views of the Maine seacoast, one at sunrise:

And another at sunset:

And a long black and white exposure in the evening:

The surf was furious and there were piles of seafoam on the shore side. Although temperatures were only in the 30s F, the strong winds froze me to the bone, especially on my walk at sunrise.


15 thoughts on “Seacoast in winter

  1. Looking at that second photo, it’s no wonder you were cold. That flying spume’s a good indication of the wind’s strength. The second is my favorite, because of the focus. Softer water can be immensely pleasing aesthetically, but I enjoy being able to ‘read’ the action of the waves.

    • When the sky was rosy, I had little light for capturing (freezing) the wave motion, that was the best of a number takes for showing the waves and a bit of sky color. Actually, it was much colder at sunrise and equally windy. Brrr!
      Thanks, as always.

  2. Those photos are nice, the little pink add really something else. Beautiful seacoast in Maine.
    Here, we have three islands at the west and we have amazing sunset clichés too !

  3. As cold as it must have been, I bet it was exhilarating as well. It’s not often that sunset and sunrise resemble each other. I like you choice of exposure time in the third creating a kind of mist or fog from the wave crash.

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