Early flowers

Two flowers I saw a few weeks back before the recent snow and cold weather:

On the left, one snowdrop in a crowd of snowdrop foliage. On the right, the early buttercup Adonis vernalis, but just the flower center at high magnification. I’m looking forward to later next next month when native wildflowers begin blooming.


8 thoughts on “Early flowers

  1. Ah, the snowdrops you’d mentioned. The Flora of North America gives this origin for the genus Adonis: “Greek mythology: sprouted from blood of Adonis, lover of Aphrodite, based on the blood red flowers.”

  2. As you might imagine, snowdrops aren’t common here, although I’ve found them in a couple of spots where I assumed gardeners had planted them: a cemetery, and a historic plantation. I’ve been looking for my favorite buttercup, but haven’t seen it yet. I might have missed it, since spring’s been rushing in here, and it’s been hard to predict what’s going to show up, and where.

    • Lots of buttercups blooming here in rainy Northern California, along with various cresses and other flowers. Unfortunately, there’s snow waiting for me in Massachusetts when I fly back tomorrow.

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