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I’m a photographer and a naturalist living in Massachusetts. This blog is for notes and photographs of what I see on nature walks: plants, birds, flowers, and butterflies, among other things.

My web site, Portraits and Abstracts, is an online portfolio. Since the web site changes  slowly, visit Nature Diary to see my latest images. I post about once a week or whenever I get to it. I also post book reviews when I read something worthwhile on nature, photography, plants, or insects.

For those curious about cameras and equipment, I use a Canon DSLR with macro and other lenses, often longer focal lengths from 180mm to 400mm. I also use the Canon MP-E 65 lens for high magnification work. I use a tripod for most images.

Visit my Exhibits page for a list of galleries where you can see prints of my images.

The best introduction to my photographic projects is the following video. I need to change the cover image – the video is not about technique much at all; it’s about why I make images, my photographic motivations:

Thanks to the great people who put the video together for me!


68 thoughts on “about me

  1. Wow! I’ve been checking out your website too, what gorgeous photographs you take. I’m wickedly envious. I’ll be checking out both your blog and your website from time to time, your photos do wonders for the senses!

  2. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your comment – I answered it on my blog; but will add here.
    I find your work extraordinary. Highly professional from a technical point of view and the vision is highly artistic. You’re way up there in the photographic league. I loved the insects and flowers.
    I’m not a professional photographer. Rather, I use photography as an informational tool in my art work, as a memory jogger of something that inspires me to record or to paint. Sometimes I end up with some pretty good photos, but it’s more by chance than by design. What I am able to do is compose, or frame up, since I have the training in composition and other abstract concepts of image making.
    I checked out your photo website. It’s very well organized and I must start thinking about how I can get my art website more user friendly for the commercial end of it.
    As you noted from my About page, I’m very happy in the garden and I like to paint and draw. I read extensively if I have the time; and I love discussions about life, the arts, and general philosophy.
    If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll add you to my blogroll!

  3. Hi there.
    I have been working for past couple of days on an article about flowers. Just right now I accidentally came across your wonderful blog. So I thought I tell you:
    Keep it up!.

    And I’d be honored if you showed your presence every once in a while in my humble blog.


  4. Good morning Tom. I just came across your blog and from it, your website. Absolutely gorgeous images. I also do nature photography with an emphasis on flowers and birds.
    I am particularly impressed with your flower images. Great colors and superb backgrounds. Just wanted to give you a pat on the back and say well done!

  5. Hello, Tom. You’re photography is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and is absolutely enchanting. I’m a senior in college and am currently working on a capstone project on the affect of diapausal physical state on the life cycle of pyrrharctia isabella. I stumbled across your pictures as I was putting my presentation together and I would love to be able to use some of your pictures if that’s okay with you?

  6. Hello Tom ~ just found your work and it is beautiful!!!! I have just begun doing some abstract work with my photos and really love it. Your images are inspiring. I would love to know what camera and macro lens you use for your close-ups, if you don’t mind sharing.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with all of us.


    • Thanks for stopping in, Melissa! I hope to publish an e-book of ice photographs before too long. I’ll stop by your blog again before too long. I hope you had time to see the video in the recent post…

    • Thanks for visiting, LyndaMichele. Butterflies are one of the things that got me into photography. I just added a link to a video interview of me on this page. Tell me what you think of it, if you’ve got time to watch…

  7. Your photography is incredible Tom! I love your composition, subjects, and color use! Thanks for sharing with us!

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  10. I finally discovered this video and I want to thank you.
    I recently read this but cannot now remember who said: “it was so beautiful that l had to close my eyes” – and that is how I felt seeing the images on your video… too beautiful to bear! my hand went up instinctively to cover my mouth in OHH. Thank you. vera

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  12. Thank you for this intimate view of your inner workings and quests. The insects are so
    astonishing, especially for their colors and intircate design. Great education.

  13. Wonderful and inspiring video. Your love of nature, beauty and photography shine through. It is fun to follow you as you search for subjects and to see how you take the photos. Thank you!

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  15. A really wonderful website, really inspiring. I like macro photography too – in fact all sorts of photography – and i really agree you can find this amazing beauty in the world if you pay a bit of attention and look closely. After viewing your site i just want to go in my back garden and snap away! Thanks for sharing your pics and thoughts

  16. Hi Tom,
    I just nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. Sunshine Awards go to blog who help bring joy into the world…and I think your stunning photography does just that. To view your nomination and if you’re not familiar with how the Sunshine Award works, check it out here: http://angelsbark.wordpress.com

    Congrats! And AWESOME photos.

  17. As a big fan of nature macro photographs I really adore your work. It’s so amazing! I’m excited to see more of it.
    Greetings from Germany.

  18. Sorry I’ve been absent for many months in visiting your blog. My desk and everyday life has been much too busy. The two weeks in Texas with my daughters to begin their 2016 equestrian campaign has given a little more time to be less busy. I enjoyed watching your video, to find what inspires you. I’m very impressed by your walks on frozen trails to find that ice pattern in a half-frozen stream. I do agree with your comment that one does not need to travel far to find a scene in need having its photo taken … I do that a lot.

    Continuing best regards,

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