Links and resources

A few pointers for visiting photographers and naturalists.

Photography forums

If you’re a photographer, want to learn about photography and image-making, and want comments on your work, join a web photography forum.

I’m a moderator at the Flora/Macro forum I highly recommend Naturescapes as a place to learn:

Insect identification

There is so much to learn about insects. is a web community of entomologists and bug lovers. There are galleries you can use as an online field guide to a wide array of insects. You  can also post images, and the experts there may identify an insect for you:

Plant and animal identification

Enature is a useful online field guide for plants, animals, and insects; the photographs are useful for identification. I use it for quick plant identification:


Another plant identification resource is the Plants database maintained by the USDA:



2 thoughts on “Links and resources

  1. Hi Thomas: I just found your website and your blog! I will definietly follow your blog daily from now on as I joinded immediately! Your macro photos are fantastic and I can not wait to see more and to read more, including older posts.

    Blue skies,


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